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Sneaker Sculpture #1 - Carnage TS Jordan 1 High
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A twist on the conventional reconstructed custom sneaker, I present a concept I like to call "Sneaker Sculptures".

This project features a custom Travis Scott Jordan 1 High that is made to look like it has bonded with the infamous serial killer symbiote Carnage. The upper of the shoe is almost completely reconstructed out of smooth black leather and then textured to give the symbiote-like appearance. The tongue of the shoe is made with a soft tumbled leather and then painted and textured to resemble Carnage's actual tongue. The teeth were cut from a wooden dowel rod and painted. The entire sculpted sneaker is set in a display themed around a deteriorated prison cell that the symbiote is attempting to break out of. The entire display was hand built out of wood and then painted.

The shoe is not wearable and is only meant to serve as an art piece.

This is a 1 of 1 sneaker sculpture. No other Carnage TS Jordan 1's will be made.
This is the first piece in a line of 5 different symbiote-themed custom sneaker sculptures. Other symbiotes to receive their very own art piece include Venom, Toxin, Anti-Venom, and one more to be determined at a later time, possibly Sleeper, Scorn, or Hybrid.

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